Auto Repair

In this day and age, cars are an essential part of our daily lives. Unfortunately, regular use on a daily basis will result in wear and tear on your vehicle over time, but that’s where Checkered Flag Auto Maintenance comes in. We’re proud to offer the best auto repair in Anderson, Indiana and we’re more than happy to provide your car with the attention to detail it needs to get you where you need to go. With 23 years of experience in the auto repair business, we know how to provide top-notch service, and there’s nothing we enjoy more than seeing our satisfied customers return to us for all of their car care needs. Checkered Flag Auto Maintenance auto repair shop offers a full range of vehicle repairs and maintenance for all makes and models, including:


The condition of your car’s engine can make or break it in terms of its overall work capacity. To keep your vehicle running at its best, be sure to bring it in for routine maintenance checks. For simple and more intricate engine repair in Anderson, Indiana we’re here to help. Here at Checkered Flag Auto Maintenance, we don’t cut corners. We use only the best tools and parts from trusted brands to ensure the best possible results at our auto shop in Anderson, Indiana.

Auto Brake Repair:

While your car’s engine and transmission are key factors when it comes to the overall health of the vehicle, brakes are not to be ignored. At Checkered Flag Auto Maintenance, we offer expert advice and high-quality brake services so that your car or truck can operate at its full potential. Whether your old car needs new brakes or you’d like to have your brake fluid checked, we can do it all.

Whatever your car troubles may be, we’re here to relieve you of your burdens and get your vehicle back to working condition. Our auto shop will make sure that your car or truck is running at its full capacity and safe for the roads. Don’t stress over your car or truck maintenance and repair needs. Call us today at 765-641-1110 to see how we can help get you back behind the wheel with confidence.